Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Digital Citizenship-Random Thoughts

Um, technically, i can only think of this...... *I aint bovvered xD*, ALSO THIS ES(is) RANDOM. (also serious lol)

A Video Clip That Caught My Attention

Name: Do Aliens Exist??? (DA TITLE GOT ME O.o)

Talking about theories of whether aliens exist etc haha.

  • Drake Equation
  • Exoplanets
  • Universe is real huge. Life elsewhere of Earth is possible O.o

About Me (I)

Something you can associate me with-

So, my name is Elise, you can call me Lyndis (cos it rhymes :)), or a name I've taken an interest recently- Zeheart.

My hobbies? I love Gundam, as shown in the picture above :3 I'm also a Gunpla maker. I watch anime, read books (both ebooks, paperbacks)and manga. I'm also a part time gamer, but I guess I can throw that aside when school starts.

I also write books on Wattpad, but they're all fanfictions. You would not want to read it anyway haha.

Aha. Now come very important part---- READ CAREFULLY>>>>>>

I am real talkative.

Usually I enjoy talking to people... but if you aren't someone I like I may be more reserved at the topics I would like to share.

Aha. Heres the actual real thing. I'm reckless. DO NOT JUDGE< OR YOU'LL BE SOMEBODY I JUDGE>>>>

I can be real fast in doing things... but thats only when I have an adrenaline rush. Usually my speed of doing things is real average *shrugs*

I think introduction enough. For more info, you can email me :)